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Semi trailer manufacturer Overbilt Trailer Company offers the finest semi trailers on the market. Semi trailers are manufactured and custom made by Overbilt with a 20-ton platform carrying capacity custom built tag semi trailers are available in gooseneck and tag trailer models in either a fixed or tilt semi trailer version, with beaver tail and ramps or without them. No other semi trailer this size offers so much. These tag-a-long semi trailers are rated at 40,000 pounds platform carrying capacity. Most tagalong semi trailers have a gross vehicle weight rating, meaning if competitors have 40,000 pound semi trailers, subtract the weight of the tag trailer. The weight of the semi trailers is about 10,000 pounds. So, your net semi trailer payload cannot exceed 30,000 pounds. With our tagalong semi trailers, you have a net platform carrying capacity of the full 40,000 pounds.

  • Semi trailer manufacturer features include: the tag trailer main frame is constructed of I-beam, a prime high tensile material which is up to 30 percent stronger than mild steel. This semi trailer's cross members are 4-inch channel iron placed on 16-inch centers.
  • Standard manufacturers equipment for Overbilt Tagalong semi trailers is the Neway single point spring suspension. No grease, no adjustment, and no out of alignment. Many call it the 2 million mile trouble free semi trailer suspension. Most trailer competitors use good axles and cheap trailer suspensions because the general buying public just doesn't understand the importance of a good semi trailer suspension. This tag trailer is equipped with 6.75 x 17.5 wheels with 215/75R 17.5 tires, straight air brakes, a 48 ton capacity single throat towing trailer ring with three adjustments, oak trailer decking and high tensile I-beam with structural channel cross members on 16-inch centers.
  • Semi trailer perimeter is a steel structural trailer channel with stake pockets on 24" centers with 1/2" x 2" steel rub rail to accommodate the fastening down of a load at any point along the entire length of the semi trailers platform. Many tag trailers on the market today simply put "D"-rings along the side of the trailer platform which are rarely in the location you need them to secure a load.
  • Tag trailers come equipped with a Betts sealed lighting system that is vapor proof and recessed for maximum protection that includes all DOT required lights for the tilt trailers.
Overbilt Trailer Company Manufacturers custom builds semi trailers to your specifications.
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