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Oilfield Trailer Pictured - Oilfield Laydown Trailer

Sitting amidst some of the richest oilfields in the United States, Overbilt Trailer Company has it’s fingers on the pulse of the Oil and Gas Industry. Having firsthand knowledge of the rigors of the oilfield and the demands that are put on it’s equipment has enabled Overbilt to maintain industry leadership  and continue to offer  a full range of innovative transportation products which enable contractors to make Overbilt a “One Stop Shop” when it comes to selecting the right trailer for their operation. Some of these models include oilfield floats, oilfield lowboys, detachable neck trailers, folding neck trailers and trailer mounted rigs. In conjunction with our standard products, our trailer design group with their visionary approach has  provided support in developing some of the most revolutionary products our industry has ever seen. It has been this ambitious  approach to design that has enabled Overbilt to become an industry leader in the oil and gas trailer market today.  Whether you need a 5-axle 60-ton lowboy or a standard 35-ton oilfield float with a rolling tailboard, Overbilt will deliver.

Tandem Axel Lowboy Oilfield Trailer
Oilfield Trailer - Tandem Axle Lowboy Oilfield Trailer
Oilfield Trailers - Quad Axle Lowboy Oilfield Trailers
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